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Learn about WisePass

WisePass is a lifestyle membership subscription available on Android and iOS.

With WisePass you can Eat or Drink for free everyday or enjoy any of our other daily perks such as VIP event tickets, any drinks at Starbucks and much more.

WisePass is available in nearly more than  300 locations in Vietnam, Thailand and Philipine.

You’ll need to download the WisePass app either on Android or iOS and purchase

the subscription package that you prefer.

Don’t forget to check out our promotion page or ask around for a referral code to

enjoy some complimentary extra days on your membership or a free trial!

Once you’ve downloaded the app, purchased a subscription or used a promo code,

just follow those easy steps:

  • Select the location you’re planning to visit, get there.

  • At the venue, find the WisePass Pyramid (or ask the staff for it) and scan the QR

    code located on the Pyramid with the WisePass app. (Simply press the

    WisePass logo at the bottom of the home screen to start scanning).

  • Next, the app will display a set of available items you can pick. Make your

    selection and confirm using the slider.

  • Show it to the staff for the final confirmation by letting them tap on “Confirm”.

  • You’ll be served immediately so relax and enjoy your time.

Yes, our membership subscriptions all have a defined price, whether you have

started on a free trial or other types of promotions, eventually if you keep using our

services you will get charged like all of our members. Please refer to the billing

section for more information.

Free Trial

WisePass gives the opportunity for new users to try out the membership during a set period of time.

When that period of time is over, the user is automatically subscribed to WisePass Membership for the subscribed following days.

Would the user not want to continue using, WisePass after the trial period, the user needs to unsubscribe (cancel) the membership before the end of the trial period.

Simply unsubscribe from the membership at any time during your trial.

No. We have a strict refund policy.

For any free trial, WisePass sends information and ensures that its end users are

informed about the day they will get charged through email.

The user needs to unsubscribe (cancel) from the membership before the end of trial

if he does not plan to continue using it.

The date of the payment is stipulated right in the app for every single member by

clicking on the top left button.

  • WisePass will refund money if it has been charged before the end of the free trial


  • WisePass will refund money if your card has been used by a third party. We will

    require you provide a police report that your card has been stolen and ensure

    that the email and phone number assigned to the account doesn’t belong to you.

WisePass doesn’t refund the money after the trial period ends. However, you can contact our customer service on FaceBook which may propose 2 solutions:

  • Changing the start date (delaying the start of the subscription)

  • WisePass will refund money if your card has been used by a third party. We will ….

Billing & Refunds

Currently you can use any VISA or MasterCard credit and debit cards. If you are

paying with an international card, please ensure that you have your card issuer

authorize international transactions.

If you have been granted a refund, the account manager probably has already sent

the request to our payment getaway to process it. Your card shall be refunded

between 48 hours up to 10 business days depending on the banks.

If you have not received your refund after 10 business days please contact our

customer supports or your account manager.

WisePass has a strict no refund policy.Please check our Terms & Conditions for more information

The only exceptions to our no refund policy are:

  • WisePass will refund money if your card has been used by a third party. We will require you provide a police report that your card has been stolen and ensure that the email and phone number assigned to the account doesn’t belong to you.

  • WisePass has made a technical mistake and charged you inappropriately.

About the bottles

No, you cannot store your bottle at the venue

No, you cannot bring the bottle home. If you don’t finish it, the remaining of the

bottle is forfeited. Regardless, next time you are coming to that venue you can order

a brand new one!

No, daily offer is from 6am to 6am.

No, those are not covered in the membership.

Each venues has different policies concerning tables, depending on availability.

Extra fees from the venues may incur.

Order Questions

When should I purchase a subscription

Anytime! Your membership will be valid for the next 30 days following the purchase date. And you can cancel it at anytime and keep using it until the expiration date.

No, the membership is personal and cannot be shared. Lending your membership

may get you expelled. Instead, refer a friend to join!

Under the standard membership you are only entitled to use WisePass 1 time per

day. If you wish to use it more than once, consider purchasing a Premium


There could be a few reasons:

  • They have a special event on that day and may refuse the use of WisePass

    during such event. The WisePass team will try to keep our members up to date

    on such events / unavailability through the Facebook group/page.

  • Something went wrong during the scan process. You can contact our customer

    support team to help you.

  • The venue requires you to purchase an additional package to use WisePass.

    Only very few venues have such conditions, they are stated on the application’s

    venue page. In case you validated your scan before being aware of such

    condition and wish to move to another venue to use WisePass that day, please

    contact our customer support team.

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